The Cast
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Full Name: Drake Derrick Matthews
Age: 16
Birthday: March 12
Major: Drama/ Writing

Physical Description: Drake has brown hair and green eyes. He stands five feet, nine inches and has a somewhat athletic build. He's known for his wild spikey hair.

Personality: Drake is considered to be friendly, and somewhat playful. He often annoys his friends because he finds it humorous. Like most of the main characters he's into anime, comics, and video games. Drake has a strained relationship with his father, due to the fact Drake would rather write comics or television than film. Drake has recently shown interest in acting.

Background: Drake was born in New York, but moved to Los Angeles when his father began writing movies with Richard Heard, Jr. Growing up Drake has shown a keen interest in writing, but mainly for comics or animated television. This often disappointed his father who wanted him to follow in his footsteps. Drake often feels pressured to impress his father, but hanging out with his cousin, Richie an inspiring director has removed some of the pressure. Drake's family moved again, this time relocating to Meridia. Richie's family relocated as well and the two continued hanging out.

Notable Family Members: Derrick Matthews (father), Lois Matthews (mother), Lauren Matthews (sister), Richie Harold (cousin), Richard Harold (uncle), Nick Harold (cousin)

Influences: Brad Meltzer, Geoff Johns, Mark Millar, Robert Kirkman, Brian Vaughan, Brian Bendis, Paul Dini, Dwayne McDuffie, Craig Kyle, Chris Yost, and Adam Beechan.

Goals: Drake along with Rich plan on adapting a comic book character onto film without pissing off loyal fans.

Full Name: Michael Marlon Lloyd
Age: 16
Birthday: January 7
Major: Music/ Sound Design

Physical Description: Mike has Dark Brown hair and dark brown eyes. He stands six feet tall with an athletic build. He is known for his trademark dreadlocks which he has been growing since he was twelve.

Personality: Mike is considered to be friendly but is known to be somewhat arrogant. Mike seems to be somewhat disrespectful towards women, which annoys Pete, Jam and Lauren. Mike is a fan of basketball, football, horror films, comics, anime, cartoons, and animated films. Mike is also a huge fan of music and is a self-described student of hip-hop. Mike idolizes Dr. Dre. Mike gets along best with Drake, Jam & Pete.

Background: Mike was born in Compton and spent the majority of his life there. Originally learning to play instruments throughout his early childhood, he went on to join the school's basketball team in High School. A knee injury caused him to turn to music as another source of extracurricular activity. He began playing drums in band and also learned to play the piano, spanish guitar, and is learning to play the violin. Due to gang violence and pressure to join a gang he sought a way out of the neighborhood. After learning of Merida through E-Mail he received from Drake and Jam he sent in an application for the school. After passing the preliminary exams and gaining a scholarship he relocated to Meridia moving in with his aunt. Mike currently aspires to be a music producer and label owner.

Notable Family Members: Marlon Lloyd (father), Rochelle Lloyd (mother), Michelle Lloyd (twin-sister), Marcus Lloyd (brother), Mario Lloyd (uncle), Anna Lloyd (aunt), Marion Lloyd (cousin)

Influences: Mike sights Dr. Dre as his idol. He cites Just Blaze, Timbaland, Mannie Fresh, Scott Storch, Kanye West, Hi-Tek, and 9th Wonder as other influences.

Goals: Mike originally planned on rapping, up until recently. He currently plans on starting an independent record label with his cousin and brother. He plans on using his brother as the label's star act and possibly one of the few acts to sign a major label deal. Mike also plans on recording several albums himself in which he produces every song and raps on some of the songs in a similar fashion to Hi-Tek.

Full Name: Jamal Alexander Madison, III
Hometown: Decatur, Georgia
Age: 16
Birthday: May 17
Major: Illustration

Physical Description: Jam stands around five feet, eight in a half inches with a medium muscular build and some "extra baggage" around the mid-section. Jam has short black hair, and brown eyes. Jam is known for his shaggy eye brows, and large feet.

Personality: Jam is known for being more silent, reserved, and kind of shy. Jam is known for talking properly, but usually switches into ebonics during moments of excitement. Jam is known for laughing, chuckling, and smirking more than laughing. Like most of the characters Jam is a fan of anime, cartoons, and video games. He gets along best with his arch-rival, Pete and online buddy, Mike.

Background: Jam was born in Marietta, Georgia and spent must of his time growing up in the Metro-Atlanta area. Jam has shown an interest in drawing since an early age. He originally began drawing in comic style before switching to an anime inspired style, due in part to meeting Pete. After trying to switch back he underwent an artistic block. Jam began combining his styles later. After his mother's employers had a hostile takeover, his family relocated to Meridia. Jam wasn't too happy with the move, due not being able to see his father on a regular basis. Thanks to Pete & Mike he learned of Meridia's school and quickly applied and was accepted.

Notable Family Members: Kamal Madison (brother), Terri Madison (mother), Jeanette Madison (sister), Carlos Clay (father)

Influences: Akira Toriyama, Masashi Kishimoto, Jim Lee, Ed Benes, Keron Grant, Andy Kubert, Adam Kubert, Mark Bagley, Mark Brooks, LeSean Thomas.

Goals: Jam plans on creating his on brand of comics, published in the form of graphic novels. He's been developing his characters since 5th grade.

Notes: Jam is the comic incarnation of myself. He has a similar name, the same birth date, and similar interest. Jam also has the same family members as me, but they have all been renamed for the strip.




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